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Industrial & whole sale

  • Plastic Laser Marking
    Looking for a more economical material? Our equipment can laser mark or engrave plastic plates as well with a permanent, quick, high-quality finish. Thanks to the low set-up times and flexibility a marking laser offers, you can mark even small batch sizes for a price within your budget.
  • Deep Laser Engraving/Embossed Laser Engraving
    Looking to have something engraved where the depth varies?
    We provide this service (Relief Engraving) with our state-of-the-art equipment. This is the optimum process when engraving precious metals like jewelry blanks, clichés, brass plates, metal plates or when the engraving of which is filled with paint, etc.

  • Restoration, Auto industry
    ✪ We can laser mark retro car parts as well as the personalization of new car parts.
    ✪ Old dashboard plates or button restoration and sign marking
  • Additional Applications:
    ✪ Laser engraving on almost anything
    ✪ Personalized promotional items
    ✪ Souvenir laser marking
    ✪ Promotional advertising services – your company logo and message in any promotional subject. Both in series and individually.
    ✪ Ink Stamps
    ✪ Making ink stamps in the size and ink tone your business needs.
    ✪ Gift personalization
  • Laser Cutting
    We cut various sheet materials, such as acrylic, plastics, thin wood, paper, cardboard as well as precious metals like gold and silver.
    ✪ Prizes and awards: We implement individual design sports and commemorative awards. We also provide laser engraving of classic prize cups and medals.
    ✪ Jewelry engraving: We make engravings on baptismal spoons, jewelry, but a particularly requested service is engraving on wedding rings, we make engravings both inside and outside the rings.
    ✪ Photo laser engraving: The perfect solution for capturing a photo moment in wood, metal, ceramic, or glass. We perform your photo processing for laser engraving.